Generally, Donald Trump has enjoyed a lower level of support from youth, ages 17-29, than from older voters, particularly when compared to those over 45. On average, Trump received a third of youth votes (33%), which is 10 percentage points below his average level of support from voters 45 and older.

As of June 1, exit polls from 21 states have included data on youth candidate support.2 Donald Trump won 17 of those contests, but he won the youth vote in just 11. Overall, before all other candidates dropped out of the race, Cops For Trump Shirt, on average, won about one third of youth votes, with notable exceptions in states like Mississippi (45%), Indiana (46%), and Pennsylvania (52%). In only one stateNew Hampshiredid he enjoy greater support from youth (38%) than his overall percentage of votes in that primary (35%).

As the Republican field narrowed in late April/early May, and Donald Trump solidified his status as the frontrunner, young people who identified as or with Republicans showed greater levels of support for Trump. It remains to be seen whether Republican youth, who voted in record numbers throughout the primary season, will remain as engaged and continue to rally around their nominee come November.