DUBMOOD - Term Of use

Dubmood-Cheats Com is the project provided by dubmood-cheats LLC ("DM", "DUBMOOD", "we", "our").
Our software is provided by our self-made online distributor ("Client", "Distributor"), and it is only Digital in any case.
Before take any action at our website ("dubmood-cheats.com"), you must accept next Terms of Use ("ToU").
I. Acceptance of Terms of Use & Your Responsibilities
By using DM software or access to our website you accept our Terms of Use and agree to abide by it. Otherwise your account will be blocked.
Please read ToU very carefully because you will be responsible by your own for use of your Account and any activity at Dubmood-cheats Com. In order to use our software, you must register with truthful information at our website and be at least thirteen years old, otherwise you can not be accepted to get access to our products.
II. Changes to Terms of Use
We reserve the right to modify or replace, or alter, or terminate your access to the Service for any reason, without notice, at any time, and without liability to you.
We will update you if any change happened with our ToU, you will have one week before it become effective, we will also highlight it on our Website at Pub News Section, or notify you to your E-mail adress that you have provided to us.
III. Software
We provide you offers to Private Forums, where you can download our distributor and then you will get complete acces to our products. We reserve the right of Client to get data from you PC to make an Unique Number (harddrive, memory, videocard, etc) of your Machine. 
Client and other related products are provided by "AS IS" and have been created to play with your friends or in private games. dubmood-cheats LLC is not responsible of use our software in any other purposes. Our software can be updated or stoped in any time without notice to you.
IV. Protection & Authetication
Tampering or reverse our software to bypass any security of it will cause an permament ban of your Account and block your communication with Authetication server.
V. Password and Account details
Our staff members will never ask you to provide your password in any case. We reserve the right to modify your Account (such as group change, custom rights, etc.)
VI. Third party services
Goods and services of third parties may be advertised and/or made available on or through this web site. Representations made regarding products and services provided by third parties are governed by the policies and representations made by these third parties. We shall not be liable for or responsible in any manner for any of your dealings or interaction with third parties.
VII. Payment Policy
Fraudulent charges with an account that sends money without the consent of the account holder or/and any kind of frauds will result in your account being instantly disabled, permanently terminated and/or legal action will be taken. We do not allow user to sell or give his Account to anyone, even his family, if this action have been seen, then Account will be banned permanently.
VIII. Refund Policy
You can get a refund only if you dont used "software" and your Unique Number are not in the database.